UABB 2017 深港城市建筑双年展



2017 年深港城市\ 建筑双城双年展(深圳)以“城市共生”作为展览主题。“城市共生”问题的提出不仅是我们对于当今世界和中国城市化现实的批判性解读,也是提出另一种未来城市图景的尝试。Withdesign与Common Name、Another Design、Sure Design一同完成了展览的视觉设计。


As the theme of the 2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen), “Cities, Grow in Difference” represents not only a critical interpretation of the current urbanization in today’s China and the world but also an aims to envision alternative models of future cities. Withdesign cooperated with Common Name, Another Design and Sure Design, In charge of the visual design of the exhibition.

According to the concept design of the “Urban Symbiosis”, we have completed and implemented the main exhibition site in Nantou Old Town’s guide system and guide manual. These include the flow orientation of the exhibition site, activity design, direction guide, work introduction and the sign between the buildings.