Macau Light Festival 澳门光影节











Macau Light Festival

As an annual global event in Macau, the festival customizes an event limit App for the current popularity of smart mobile devices.

Activity exhibition sites throughout Macau can locate the current location through App and navigate to the designated exhibition sites, and intimately recommend a number of planning routes for users to easily visit all facilities.

To cater the mascot of festival “MAK MAK”,  we added AR photo function in App. Triggered in a specific location with “MAK MAK” interactive photo, random interaction of different movements also brought different surprises.

Through App’s MailBox messaging function, the words you want to say with light festival will be put on a large screen in the form of real-time bullet curtain in the Mailbox interactive device on the spot.

Project coverage: App (iOS, Android, Wechat applet), Web Real-time Barrage, Background Database