JiuHou Mountain 九侯山风景区

九侯山风景名胜区位于漳州市诏安县西北部金星乡境内,九侯山森林覆盖率为 95%以上,景区内奇石嶙峋、人文荟萃,保留着始建于唐代的九侯禅寺、云根等古迹,是闽南地区历代金榜题名状元进士必访之地。


Jiu Hou Mountain scenic spot is located in Jinxing Township, northwest of Zhao’an County, Zhangzhou city. The forest coverage rate of Jiu Hou Mountain is more than 95%. The scenic spot is rich in rocks, people and culture. Jiu Hou temple, Yun Gen and other historic sites, which were built in the Tang Dynasty, are preserved. It is a place that must be visited by the top scholars of the golden list in Southern Fujian.
We have designed a brand-new visual identity system for Jiu Hou Mountain scenic spot, which presents this traditional cultural treasure with Buddha’s hand and seal. The logo graphics contain all kinds of things, and can be extended in different forms in different plane media, which can be used by different sizes of planes in the scenic spot