Hi Paw Lab 挥爪实验室品牌VI








HiPawLab is a brand-new R & D brand of human PET interaction space, exploring the different prescriptions of human and pet. We have designed a visual identity system for HiPawLab. Through the core concept of brand friendliness, coexistence and fun, we have combined three English letters “H””P””L” into the logo, and designed a series of graphic elements for the brand in three different parts:In the interactive space, the main figure extends the picture of two small claws touching or interacting, and the color takes two main tone gradients as the standard, presenting the atmosphere of fun and interaction;
The dining space takes the shape of the main figure as the key, enlarges the curve details of the figure, and combines the lines of the handwritten letters. The color takes the light tone of two main colors as the standard, presenting delicious and beautiful atmosphere;
The key of shop space is the way of slogan extension of the main figure, which uses straight-line extension and has strong guidance and slogan sense. The color is based on the solid tone of two main colors, presenting a fresh and interesting shopping atmosphere;The overall brand image creates rich changes under the premise of unified vision, and will continue to evolve in the future development of new graphics