DeBest 顶瓜瓜品牌升级





Is there a new definition of family?
Time is passing and times are changing. Home is still here, but home has a different definition. The first group of post-90s have gradually moved to their 30s, countless new families have been formed, which are busier, more personalized and younger. A more personalized family atmosphere needs new ideas to show. Emphasizing “new” is to emphasize the new experience, new design and new products brought by DeBest. This is not only expresses the brand’s vision that all “new generation” families can use the best products, but also reflects our original intention of creating more comfortable products for every “family host” who wants to give a new look to their families.
New home is coming, new comfort is given to you by DeBest. withdesign based on the brand new concept of home brand DeBest to create a new brand logo. We use two face-to-face thumbs to express the concept of communication, and transform the brand name into the most accessible global gesture. Then we replaced different life scenes with brand new language in ABB or AAB format to make the way of brand “speaking” more cordial and natural.