China Air Database 中国大气数据库




中国大气数据库 China Air Database

为CAA (Clear Air Asia) 环保组织制作的数据可视化网站,基于中国各个地区的各种污染物和相关政策发展的数据进行展示。以热力图展示的直观的看到中国不同区域的数据情况,可通过调整当前时间动态变化热力图中的变化。柱状表格则展示出更精确的数据值,并增加条件搜索帮助快速查询到需要了解到的对应区域。

The data visualization website for CAA (Clear Air Asia) environmental protection organization is based on the data of various pollutants and related policy development in various regions of China. The data of different regions in China can be seen directly by thermodynamic diagram, and the changes in thermodynamic diagram of current time dynamic change can be adjusted. Column tables show more precise data values and add conditional search to help quickly query the corresponding areas that need to be known.