Nanshan Theatre Festival 南山戏剧节





亚里士多德最早对戏剧是这样定义的: 对行动 (action) 的摹仿。 戏剧离不开人与人之间的联系, 听每一句台词,看每一个情节, 有时就像照镜一样,看到自我的内心。



The unique form and tension of theatre makes it an indispensable section of city culture, Nanshan Theatre Festival is not only the first Shenzhen local theatre cities activity, but also become a experimental theatre event by its variety of forms such as theatre, drama, mime, psychological drama, and  body temperament drama.

Aristotle was the first to define Theatre: the imitation of action. Theatre cannot do without the relationship among people, listening to every word, watching every episode, sometimes theatre is like a mirror, see yourself through it.

inspired by this concept, we design two mirrored and conflicting words “Nan Shan”, and extend a set of custom font, combined four theatre sections performance by different colors, “Youth theatre” using green to reflect the youth theatre section, “Heart Theatre” using yellow to reflect the psychological theatre section, “shore Theatre” using blue to reflect the overseas theatre section, “Mobile Theatre” using red to reflect the environmental theatre section.

By collocation of words and colors, we wish the whole vision can convey the combination of tradition and avant garde and the inclusiveness of theatre.